Toxic Survival - Larson Design Group


Central PA in high summer. Non-breathable suits. Characters were built.

Pennsylvanians don't mess around, so we had to bring it. Larson Design Group is a very cool, multi-disciplinary engineering firm based in Williamsport, PA (birthplace of Little League!) that needed to turn it's best young engineers into capable leaders. We helped create a 18-month development program to do the job. Toxic Survival was a half-day adventure that occurred on the second day of the third session. Engineers love problem-solving, and no one under 35 is going to learn well if they're locked in a classroom. This experience tested participants' brains, demanded collaboration, and required the ability to work against a demanding schedule (i.e. the same critical factors that great AE leaders require). It was exhilarating, and, following the program, many of the Leadership Academy grads went on to higher levels of responsibility in the firm.